Understanding Yoga Breathing


Yoga Breathing, Past & Present…

Yoga Breathing is a simple, scientific practice and has been around for thousands of years, often shrouded in mystery, difficult to understand without much explanation behind the why? & how? 

Yoga Breathing exercises can be found in Ancient Indian texts,  like the Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras and Hathapradipika. People use their breath for mindfulness, self & ritual studies, nervous system response, altering mood and physical benefits. Yoga Breathing was named Pranayama meaning  Prana “life force” and Yama “extension” or “control”. So the practice of Pranayama is really the idea of controlling and extending your breath which controls and extends your life. This era of practice (until the 1800s) is known as the freaks and geeks period of Yoga! The people who practised wore crazy clothes dyed their hair and begged for money, like a modern-day busker or circus act perhaps. Very mystic, exaggerated and potentially dangerous.

Modern Yoga Breathing (early 1900’s) serves as the basis for most of the contemporary styles of classes you find around the world  today. A short period in Yoga history but important as Yogi’s became respected and taken seriously.

Today, you are living in the heyday of Yoga Breathing Contemporary Breathing (2000’s onwards), breathing practices are growing in popularity with great benefits but there are still many extreme practices out there; such as Wim Hof (an interesting daredevil who swims under ice, climbs mountain peaks in nothing but his shorts). Wim Hof is quite a stunt man and teaches breathing which is extreme and very dangerous. In fact some of his students have died practicing these stunts. These breathing exercises have a real lack of science with exaggerated medical and health claims. They almost promise the supernatural, can be complex, intimidating, taught without context or explanation and are Guru-based.

Here at Happy Polka you learn a safe method of Yoga breathing which is science based, simple, effective and accessible to all. These daily Coffee, Water & Whiskey breathing exercises relax, de-stress, re-energise and (when you  incorporate your exercises with Aroma) help you target and manage your emotions and improve sleep. 

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