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mandala therapy

Mandala – out the inside therapy

Art Emotions

I didn’t know I could use paint to express my feelings. Nevermind painting an image from my dreams, having a massive emotional impact on me and other people. Plus it actually looks good! Mandala out the inside therapy what it actually means? About 5 years ago my hair and make-up career came to an end and I felt quite lost. I became a mum and I  invested my time raising my beautiful little boy. My dedication to motherhood (a natural instinct…

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Herbs & Spices – Your Negative Emotions

Aroma Breathing Emotions

Does talking about your emotions (negative or positive) feel uneasy and tend to be something you like to keep private? Do you associate your emotions with herbs, spices or flowers? A few more questions for you: If you were a plant, what plant would you choose to be? What herb, spice or flower makes you feel happy? Which aroma makes you feel fresh and alive?  Think of the beautiful fields full of lavender in Provence. Picture yourself there. You reach…

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