Highs & Lows with breathing exercises

Aroma Breathing Emotions

“Accepting complete responsibility for your life means that you refuse to make excuses or blame others for anything in your life that you’re not happy about.”     (Brian Tracy)    

Sounds clear enough doesn’t it? A simple explanation, easy to understand and yet, one of the things that’s hard to practice in your everyday life.

Life has highs & lows. It’s how you deal with these moments, manage your mood and your reaction that makes a difference to your life. Recognising you are in a moment and you could remain stuck in this moment if you can’t accept and make way for change.

Acceptance comes in all shapes & sizes, from losing a loved one, relationships with partners, former partners, illness, your kids & family, your boss, your work colleagues or your needy friend. What makes the difference is: when you accept this moment in time for what it is, you begin to manage and control your situation. You’re not liking, choosing or supporting – you’re accepting. You’re allowing what’s happening to be there and not shamed by it. You know it’s not going to last forever…you are accepting the present moment and can move on when it is time.

When you add Yoga Breathing with Aroma to acceptance the results are instant. First the breathing: Coffee (to wake you up, boost your energy levels, give you zing!), Water (relaxing, calming, helps you handle pressure) and Whiskey (soothes, lulls you to sleep, you are at rest). You’re already feeling a change, with the aromatic oils you are able to target and manage your emotions. Science shows emotions are stored in the brain, heart and gut. Primal, emotional and rational mental activities are the product of neural activity and their collective energy creates your experience. Each oil gives a different emotional response. Therefore you can choose an aroma for your individual needs and target your emotions, whilst strengthening your brain’s neural pathways. Basically, you learn to recognise the signs, manage your mood and change the pattern. In a nutshell, you don’t go back for more of the same!

Acceptance helps you take on board: that only you can make these emotional, behavioral or physical changes in your life. You become more aware, you won’t be dragged down, you raise your self-esteem, you boost your self-confidence and most of all you’re happy! Doors start to open and you evolve into the new and better you. 

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