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Does talking about your emotions (negative or positive) feel uneasy and tend to be something you like to keep private? Do you associate your emotions with herbs, spices or flowers? A few more questions for you: If you were a plant, what plant would you choose to be? What herb, spice or flower makes you feel happy? Which aroma makes you feel fresh and alive

Think of the beautiful fields full of lavender in Provence. Picture yourself there. You reach out and grab some lavender flowers, rub them between your hands and inhale. Does it make you feel good, revitalised, refreshed, calm, reminds you of Grandma, makes you feel warm in your heart (positive) or perhaps you feel sad, uncomfortable or anxious (negative)? 

Your negative emotions – No matter how old you are, your lifestyle or where you live, you experience emotions every day. Emotions are part of you being human, they have a big impact on your happiness and well-being. Your emotions are often perceived as mysterious and because you have such a unique personality and your own set of experiences, they are unique to you. You respond and cope with emotions in your own way. Your response to your emotions can have negative or positive effects on your quality of life.

Simply – emotions are your response to the environment around you, people, place, activity and thousands of different factors (in & out of your control).  Your brain processes these factors and decides how you respond. This emotional response will usually lead to action, based on your previous experience or survival instinct. You are the only one with your experiences, you have your own personality, so your emotions belong to you. Positive emotions can improve your well-being and quality of life, negative emotions can take a toll on your body (mentally and physically) if you ignore them. 

Negative emotions can motivate you to act in a way that uplifts your mood.  However, if your negative emotions are left unchecked, they can have a serious effect on your overall health, especially your emotional health. This impacts on your quality of life and alter how your body feels and functions.

When you begin to use plants, flowers, herbs, spices, aroma & breath to dispel negative emotions; you’re managing your mood and uplifting your feelings. High-quality oils help soothe, calm and uplift your emotions in a natural way, they’re high in potency so only a little is needed and safe to use. The term Aromatherapy was born in the 20th Century (1990’s), when scientists proved and supported the connection between oils and mood management. You can give additional support to your healthy emotions, by adding further Lifestyle choices such as; increasing your water intake, exercise, movement, rest, meditation and a better diet.

Because your sense of smell is so closely connected to the part of your brain that stores memories and emotions, it is easy to see why specific aromas bring out specific emotions or feelings. You can now see why( when you choose particular oils to trigger your desired feelings and emotions), it helps combat & dispel your negative emotions.

Happy Polka – Yoga Breathing with Aroma helps you work with your emotions, not ignore them, you certainly can’t escape them! With Happy Polka, you learn to understand what triggers your emotions, how to cope and manage them. The results speak for themselves both inside and out.

Happy Polka established the hard way. My partner Paul passed away quite suddenly and unexpectedly, having a tremendous impact on me & my quality of life. Guilt, anger, sadness & depression hit my body all at once. To discover Yoga breathing with Aroma and be able to catch emotions before they overwhelmed my body, helped me grieve, heal and was an absolute blessing. So much so that I am now a qualified teacher!

Here’s the thing…You cover yourself with plants for a reason, they give a sense of stability and offer different properties:

Mint – Energises, Flowers – Calm, Trees, Grass & Herbs  – Ground & Soothe, Spices – Warm.

So do you have your answers at the ready? 

If you were a plant, what would you choose to be? What herb, spice or flower makes you feel good? Which aroma makes you feel fresh and alive

Your happy place may be leaps away from the Lavender fields of Provence, Happy Polka can help you get there. Discover which oils are right for you and get rid of your negative emotions!

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