I’m Sylwia, a Breathing Coach specialising in Yoga Breathing exercises and Breathing with Aroma.

“The way you breathe has the potential to transform everything you thought you knew about your body, your health and your performance…” 

What does this actually mean?

  • Did you know you can manage your emotions simply by breathing? 
  • Instantly ease everyday stresses?
  • Feel calm and relaxed with each breath?

Yoga breathing has been around for thousands of years in different formats. At Happy Polka you learn Ancient Yoga Breathing practices informed by modern science, to provide safe, practical exercises that deliver immediate results. 

Learn to understand the why? behind the how? 

  • Why we breathe in specific ways and the effects this has on the body
  • Understanding your moods – we all have them! 
  • How to change your mood 
  • How breathing affects your nervous system
  • Tap into instant energy!

By adding Aroma you:

  • Learn and experience which oils work best 
  • How and when to use them
  • Replace negative feelings with calm, joy and self-love.
  • Boost self-confidence 
  • Raise self-esteem

Why do I teach and practice Yoga Breathing with aroma?

During my earlier career as a hair & make-up artist in Theatre, TV, Film and the 2020 London Olympics.  I developed skin cancer and had to make substantial life changes. Looking after myself more, using the most natural organic ingredients to nourish my body inside and out. Getting out of destructive relationships, patterns and thoughts. Finding peace in  Yoga, Meditation and Breathing. Life was good…

Then wham! I lost my life-partner. Paul’s death was extremely sudden, unexpected, tragic and brought an emotional level of pain I never knew existed. Yoga Breathing with Aroma helped me immensely throughout my grieving process to find peace and inner strength. 

So much so that I am now a qualified Yoga Breathing teacher!

Within one month of practising Yoga Breathing, you will be amazed at how much better you feel. I know this sounds too good to be true! The power of breath has been around for a long time and yet we rarely tap into this natural tool in our body. 

‘We can live without food for weeks, water for a few days, but air just brief minutes’. 

I hope you feel inspired by this brief insight into me and Happy Polka. Please enjoy and remember I am always here to listen and help.

Sylwia xx